Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the two shall become one

Chris and I have decided that since I'm half of CScott Photography, it would make more sense if I post on the company's blog (see link "chris" in "web sites i frequent"). So for exciting updates on our lives you'll have to go there.

But for now... I've had a stomach bug for 3 weeks (not how I was planning on losing pre-wedding weight), Mom and Barb are flying in this weekend for 5 days (super excited- they haven't seen the ceremony or reception sites and we've got wedding gown shopping to do), and Wilson's ears stand up all the time (he's a big kid now!).

I think that's about it. OH, and I'm on spring break for the next week and a half. Good timing with getting sick, at least. The worst of it has been over the break so far.

So... peace, Adrienne's blog!

Monday, February 18, 2008


This time it's been a bit more difficult to move because we have a puppy. For a while I let him run around but it was really difficult to pack socks while he was in my lap trying to attack each pair. So for the remainder of the packing he stayed in his crate.

Unfortunately, Chris has been sick with a pretty wicked cold. So while he was sleeping off the sick, I packed and loaded part of the U-haul. He had to help with the big furniture, though. Luckily, by the time we got to the new apt Chris was feeling well enough to help unload.

Things are definitely still in boxes (and we still have a lot of stuff to get from the old apt), but the majority of the move is complete.

I'm paying an arm and a leg to live here by myself, but I love it so far. It's a one bed, one and a half bath townhouse apt. No garage parking until the new townhouse is built, but I'm sure spending 5 more months parking in a lot will get me that much more excited when we've got a garage. I've got my own entrance and Wilson only has to go down 5 steps to go potty (unless he's upstairs in the bedroom). I've got a little kitchen nook with a pass-through window, a tiny dining room area, an almost-as-tiny living room area, and basically floor to ceiling windows for 2 stories, because the upstairs is a loft. Right now I've got the iHome playing upstairs and I can hear it here in the dining area. Great for 1-2 people. Oh, and I've got a washer and dryer AND a dishwasher! This is the liiiife. =)

* No U-haul's were harmed in this move.

Friday, January 18, 2008

we're engaged!!!

Yes, Chris popped the question. And I was completely surprised.

A photographer/friend told us an engagement session canceled but she'd already paid the shooting fee for the location and asked if we wanted to have a free photo session, which I said yes to, enthusiastically. So I picked out our matching-but-not-twinsies clothes and we headed out after church. She took photos of us walking through a park and onto a bridge and told us to just have a conversation and she'd take some more photos.

And that's when Chris said he loved me so much that he'd been planning this for a while. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, to which I did say yes.

So the next day, we got a contract on a townhouse, which is supposed to be built and ready to move into in June, and we're planning a November/December (ish) wedding for this year.

Oh, and Chris got a raise and a promotion the day we got the townhouse.

I'm also trying the South Beach Diet, which is very difficult sitting here in Panera. I joined The Biggest Loser at our school where a bunch of faculty are doing it, so that's giving me a bit of a push. Unfortunately I've got so many after school rehearsals (3-4 days a week) while the ladies are working out in the gym that it's difficult for me to go home at 6 and work out when I know I have to make dinner and the next day's lunch and get to sleep by 9 (which hasn't been happening lately).

I guess that's all my news. =D