Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I'm going to miss this dog, even though she smells bad (because I'm pretty sure she hasn't been bathed in a couple years) and ate my packing tape yesterday.

Oh... and I'll miss my friends and family too!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

fine! i'll make a new post!

So I've been told by a couple people to post again. So here goes.

I decided to change my (engine) air filter myself. I had the part and watched Dad do it last time (when I bought the last one from Wal-Mart and they had the wrong part listed and we did everything to replace the air filter and took the old one out and realized the new one was the wrong size). So, I got my tools out, took off the battery cover and duct cover (and didn't lose the screw like Dad did last time), unclamped the air filter cover, got the old filter out, put the new filter in.... and the clamps wouldn't clamp closed. Something wasn't allowing the cover to close all the way. Crap. So I called Dad and he pretty much told me I couldn't do anything until he got there (where I was working on my car in the parking lot in front of the townhouse I live in). So I waited for him for like 45 minutes. In the meantime I went inside to ask my roommate Sean if he happened to know anything about replacing engine air filters. The girl visiting for the weekend said, "is that, like, for a car?" Pause. Okay. I know girls don't know that much about cars (usually). But.... really? I was nice and just said, "yes, for my car." Yikes!

So Sean came out to my car (with cigarette in hand/mouth and the whole time I thought, "Don't get ashes on my car, and if my car smells like smoke I'm gonna be pissed"). And he tried everything. He said he doesn't know much about cars but he does know how to replace an air filter. Neither of us could get the clamps to clamp without being worried we were going to bend/break a clamp. So I thanked him and waited for Dad.

Conclusion to the air filter drama: 1) I need a tool like Dan has that's a long skinny pointer thing and has a magnet on the end to get clamps that I drop onto the oil pan/air buffer. 2) Some filters have too much rubber around the top and keep air filter covers from clamping closed. 3) If your car has 4 metal clamps to keep the air filter closed, you don't need them all, especially onces that fall off and you can't figure out how to put back on again. 4) If your air filter cover won't close all the way, have one person put as much of their weight on it as possible as another person forces clamps closed.

Today's car issue: tire rotation and alignment. My best friend is NTB (and Dad's membership discount). They did it all, I brought a sandwich and a banana and a book and the waiting was painless, I'm good for the next 3 years (or I should say future alignments/rotations are free for the next 3 years), and whichever NTB employee drove my car into the shop is a smoker. Gah. At least I have an (almost equally overbearing smelling) car freshener. It's one of those packets of smelly beads you put under one of the seats and your car reeks of plasticy blue nondescript odor. I should have just bought the more expensive Yankee Candle Clean Cotton rear view mirror hanging deals. Clean Cotton is my FAVORITE.

On a completely different note, I went to Sweetwater with Dan and Lisa. Congrats to Dan and his new exciting job! And I had a great time and will miss the two of them, among others, a whole lot.

Also on a completely different note, I've been as calm about the whole "unknown" factor about moving to Nashville. I have a place to live with a great friend but it's a long commute to downtown Nashville, so I've also been looking for other places closer to the city. I actually put an ad on craigslist (and got at least 20 responses). One caught my attention, from a chica looking for a roommate for July or August. Not exactly within the 30 days I have to use the pod I'm renting, but I kept reading. Her roommate's getting married then and so she knows she'll need a roommate around then. It sounds like she's got a great place. And we've been in touch a lot and she seems uber cool and down to earth. So I'll meet her and see the place sometime during the first week I'm in Nashville (before I start my job with the Symphony). And we've decided even if I don't like or want to live in the place, we get along well and should hang out. So, it turns out the apartment has a study (bigger than my current room!), and she's willing to rent it out for cheap until her roommate moves then the person who moves into the study can move into the 2nd bedroom. Awesome! So I'm pretty stoked about it. Of course I'm keeping myself in reality check mode and know it might not work out. But it might! And it's a great opportunity anyway. I could move there at the end of February and still be within my 30 days with the pod. I'd live a lot closer to work and closer to downtown. And it seems like a really cool place. And I've made a new friend! So really, no losing situation and I'm really happy about it.

Everything with moving to Nashville is going really well, a couple hiccups here and there but there have been so many wonderful things like getting this job with the Nashville Symphony, Chris getting a great internship with Provident Music Group, having a great place to live (even though it's a little bit away from downtown) with some great friends, and a few other things. I'm just so excited (and sad to leave my family and friends here). I know this is God's awesome plan for me and that I've got a lot more blessings to look forward to.

And THAT is my novel post.

Monday, January 22, 2007

there are certain people you just keep coming back to. she is right in front of you.

This song, "All At Once" by The Fray came on my iPod. Chris had me listen to the song when we started talking (after not being in contact for a year) and before we started dating. It's a good song. =)

I can't believe I'm moving soon. I still feel like it hasn't hit me yet. I'm sure when it does I'll be even more freaked out and excited.

That's all.


I love the snow even though I'm not a huge cold weather fan. What I don't love is the SUV drivers who think it's okay to tailgate cautious drivers who are already going the speed limit. GAH.

Friday, January 19, 2007


We got to wear jeans to work today! We NEVER get to wear jeans! And they bought us pizza for lunch. It was awesome. We spent the day cleaning out our offices. I found a binder with my job description, master schedule, and how to do everything. It was last updated in 1998. HAH! The girl before me didn't even know about it.

I also found a valentine's day pez dispenser, pink pez, and a felt snowman ornament.


P.S. My boyfriend is totally completely awesome and is scoping places out for me (apts).

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the other boss

So I talked to my other boss (aka The Boss... aka Sam) about leaving and my last day and everything. Such a great guy. He's not happy to see me leave but he'll be happy to do anything he can to help me out. I'll miss him, he's a great boss.

But, onto bigger and better. Or something like that. I'm just really super excited about Nashville. Now, if I can find a place with less than an hour commute in my price range, I'll be happy! Don't get me wrong, a friend has offered to let me live with her for a good price but it'll be a looong commute, and since the Symphony has offered to pay a certain amount of my moving expenses, I'd like to only move once and have it all paid for. I'm so lucky to have such a great boyfriend who is willing to go check places out for me!

If you know of anybody looking for a roommate near Nashville, lemme know! =)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I gave my boss at work my notice. My last day at the National Office is February 9. My first day at the Nashville Symphony (as Manager of Corporate and Community Relations) is February 19. I'll be moving (hopefully!) to the Nashville area around February 10 or 11. (Hopefully is only because who knows, there might be a freak snowstorm.)

Wish me luck!

If you have any good moving tips (I think we're doing the pod type thing), please let me know. Chris will fly out here Feb. 8, we'll have a "pod" small enough to fit in a parking space for 3 days (plus the weekend), they'll pick it up and move it in 3 days, and we'll have 3 days to unpack until they pick it back up (again, I think we'll have the whole weekend plus the 3 days).

Monday, January 15, 2007


I really don't enjoy doing the laundry. I'm sure everyone agrees with me. I dislike it even more when there are two other people here that also do laundry and don't move laundry from the washer to the dryer or from the dryer to their hamper. After waiting to do laundry for about 4 days I gave up and moved the laundry that wasn't mine so I could have clean clothes.

Speaking of clothes, I started going through all my clothes to remove what I don't wear. Every time I do this I realize how many clothes I have that I just don't wear.

Next: shoes.

Also, I'm trying to sell some 2006 or 2007 Civic stuff on ebay and craigslist. So if you want a windshield sun shield/heat shield custom made to fit the Civic windshield, floor mats (carpet) for a coupe, or a cargo tray, let me know. =) Got to get rid of this stuff before my lease here is up.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

oil change

So I went to Wal-Mart and bought an oil filter, oil, and an air filter for my car, then went to my parents' to get Dad to help me.

Well, we got everything off the top of the air filter, took the new filter out of the box, and... IT'S THE WRONG FILTER. And it's interesting how abnormally large the box is compared to the filter... hmmm. I'm pretty sure someone switched the filter because I checked Wal-Mart's book like 3 times to make sure I had the right filter. So tomorrow I'll have to go back to Wal-Mart to return or exchange it.

On to the oil change. It went well. The drip pan/wind guard thing is obnoxious to take off. It's got a round hole big enough to stick your hand through to take the oil filter out, but it's too far back about 6 inches. So the wind guard thing has to be completely removed. Awesome. So it takes a while. But it was done so that's great.

We played musical cars to switch my car with my mom's and realized that OIL WAS LEAKING EVERYWHERE. Emergency! The O-ring was somehow bigger than it is supposed to be so there was a leak. So we had to take the wind guard back off, take out the oil filter, dig the old O-ring out of the trash and put the old one back on, and put the filter back on. So now my parents have lovely streaks of new oil all over their driveway and the street in front of the house, and I lost a liter of oil in the fix-the-O-ring process. Luckily Dad had an extra liter in the garage. Then Dad cut a flap in the wind guard so hopefully after I'm on my own without Dad helping with the oil changes I won't have to do a bunch of obnoxious work.

Then we had pizza. It's awesome having a dad who has all the tools and knows how to fix a bunch of stuff. It's my mission to replace the air filter solo so I can prove to myself that I really do know some about cars.

Now I'm exhausted, full of pizza, and have to wake up at 6:30 so I have enough time to shower, do yoga, eat my oatmeal and fruit smoothie, and get to church to have fun with the preschoolers. And I use the words "have fun" loosely.


Nothing's final yet. But...

Craigslist and are my best friends right now. I have an amazing boyfriend who will go look at places for me. And I have an awesome friend who will let me live with her, but it's a pretty long drive into the city from her house. Everything is falling into place. I can really see God working in our lives. I'm so excited, a little scared, and have a lot to do to get everything wrapped up.

Today I'm going to my parents' and Dad is going to help me change the air filter and oil. Last time I washed the car right before changing the oil, and as a result of wet tires and brakes succeeded on driving my (new!) car OVER the ramps. Dad said next time HE will drive the car up the ramps (I forsee him driving over the ramps too but we'll see!). I guess I should go to NTB and get everything checked and aligned and rotated before the trip.


Friday, January 12, 2007

rizza and the arctic

The dog I live with is hilarious. When she wags her tail (while standing) it wags in a circular motion. I swear, one day she's going to get uber excited and take off like a helicopter.

Yesterday I brought in two long heavy duty extension cords. I plugged them into the empty outlet in my coworker's office next to mine, and plugged my space heater in. Apparently, her office and the person in the office next to her have outlets on the same circuit. Everything was fine and I was just starting to warm up enough to take off my coat and scarf (keep in mind I was wearing a sweater and pants so it's not like it was warming up all that much), when my coworker started to print something. Her printer came out of power save mode and blew the circuit. Now I know I can't plug my space heater in anywhere. Today I'm wearing pants, boots, a turtleneck, a suit jacket, a wool coat, and a scarf. ...I'm cold.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Chris got an internship with Provident Music Group!

day 1

I'm sure this whole blog thing is a huge undertaking. We'll see how it goes.

Our office's AC/heat system isn't working right (and I don't think has worked correctly since my first day). So all week I've been wearing my heavy winter coat and scarf. One of my coworkers has been wearing gloves. Despite the existence of a space heater it remains cold... I can't turn the space heater on. I have one outlet in my office. It's on a circuit with the one outlet in my gloved coworker's office. We can't have our computer monitors, CPUs, phones, printers, and space heaters all plugged in. I think I should just turn off my computer and turn on the space heater but somehow I doubt my bosses would agree.

Chris (boyfriend) was stuck with me and my parents for Christmas (instead of on the slopes in Colorado with his parents due to a blizzard), then we drove to VA Beach to spend a week at his parents' and have a second Christmas with them on New Year's eve. It was really nice having Chris around for a couple weeks. In the past couple months we've been able to see each other quite a bit despite the distance. So now I think I'm going through Chris withdrawal. It doesn't help that I don't know my plans for the next few months so we haven't been able to pin down some dates for me to visit Nashville. It seems so crazy that in a month we'll have our one year anniversary. I can't decide if it seems like longer or shorter than a year. In a good way, of course.