Sunday, December 9, 2007


I'm definitely ready for winter break. And I was sick this past week and was only at school 1 day. The next week is going to be ridiculously busy with all the after school rehearsals and going to sing places and having an in-school concert from the local high school band, our in-school concert, and our evening concert.

Wilson's doing really well. He's got "sit" down, as long as he's in a standing position and isn't really excited. Not so well with "shake."

Chris shot a wedding yesterday and some of the photos he's shown me are AMAZING. He's so talented! Hopefully we'll start making time for him to really teach me and for us to go through some sessions so I'll be a good second shooter. Eventually I'd really like to quit teaching and just do photography with Chris. I know that won't happen for probably at least 5 years, but it's something to look forward to. Don't get me wrong, I love teaching. But I'd much rather be a business partner with Chris and get to be artsy fartsy.

So while Chris was at a wedding yesterday, I was busy running over road cones. Okay, really what happened was I was on a highway going to see some apts because my current lease is up at the very beginning of March. I was driving behind an 18-wheeler and there were a couple of those 2-foot orange road cones next to the lane. The cones were so light, and the truck was going so fast, that the wind created by the truck swooped the cone out in the middle of the lane in front of me. Being on a 2-lane highway, going 60 mph, with it misting out, and cars everywhere, I had no choice but to hit the cone. First of all, I have no idea where the cone ended up. But I know it hit the front of my car on the bumper's grill, seeing as half of the grill is now gone. Of course I called my parents crying. But I called USAA, my amazing insurance company, and the helpful lady talked me through everything. Since I'm living within Nashville's city limits, I have to have full coverage on my car. So repairs will only cost me my $100 deductible. And I learned the hard way to pay a couple extra bucks a month for rental car coverage, so USAA will pay up to $30/day while my car's being repaired. Maybe this is a good time for me to rent a car I've wanted to buy... well, as long as it's $30/day or less!! (Yeah, right.)

So the start of the apartment hunting didn't go so well. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Wilson was with me and he'd knocked his water bowl over in his crate and spilled it all over the newspaper and everything was soaking, including Wilson, who was shivering. This happened pre-cone. So I'd done what I swore I'd never do and put him in my lap. All he did was sleep on my lap, until the cone incident, at which point he was hurled onto the floor. By my feet. Not so fun when I'm the one driving. He shook for the next 3 hours.

Back to the apartment hunting... I went to a couple complexes closer to school and liked them both. But one place had this weird lease term situation where they can only have a certain amount of people moving out at the same time, so depending on what day you sign your lease, you could only have a 15-mo option, or a 7-mo option, or a couple other options. Not what I'm looking for. And they won't know what places they'll have until the end of December. And the places available may or may not end up being in my price range. Each floorplan is priced according to base price, extra for each floor, extra for a water view, etc. And washer/dryer hook-ups would only be a possibility in some apts (although there are pay-laundry facilities throughout the 80-acre complex).

The second place has 2 1-bedroom places available when I need to move in. Although they do have 6-mo leases, I'll have to pay an extra fee per month, but I'm okay with that. And one floorplan is a townhome! It's got a loft bedroom, and upstairs is the full bath and walk-in closet. Downstairs has an extra half bath and a breakfast bar. AND both floorplans have a washer and dryer. So today after church Chris is going with me to look at the second complex and I'm going to go ahead and do the deposit thing and all that. And, since I'm a public school employee, I get some fees returned, some waived, and a discount on rent! Sweet!

So one bad thing (cone), but two good things (apt found, great wedding photos) happened yesterday. Not bad. Although... now I have to get my car repaired. Blah.


save amazon said...
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Lisa said...

I love reading your blogs and being able to keep up with what is going on with you guys :) Congrats on the apt!!!! Hi to Chris and Wilson!!